Weekend in Brooklyn

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Blouse: Thrifted // White: Bra top: Target // Pants: Thrifted // Sandals: Zara // Headpiece: Asos

Vacation is my favorite word. Slaycation, a necessary derivative. So when you and some of your good betties decide to go on a trip, especially to New York, a good time and good clothes are inevitable.

Some more choices for a similar look....

Overrobe: Thrifted // Bralet: Forever 21 // Jeans: Thrifted // Boots: Public Desire at Asos // 
Crossbody: Thrifted

I was so excited to find a bralet that fit these D cups!! Forever 21+ is kinda stepping their game up. I feel like I am more myself when I am wearing some hobo glam. This piece was once a zippered dress, but I preferred to wear it open so I made a small change to it. 

Notice how almost everything I'm wearing is from thrifting. You don't have to break the bank to be stylish on your vacation! Stay tuned for my next post and more info on our amazing trip. Plus 5 things to know about going to Afropunk.

Shop the look below!

Dear dark girl,

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I used to want a hickey. I had my teenage boyfriend suck and bite on my neck until I thought I'd have a bruise to brag about. I could never get a damn hickey. Blame the dark skin.

My mother, the first woman I ever wanted to be, was a fox!! Ex-model. Chameleon. She could do it all. I was her little chocolate drop, but I didn't have a drop of her light brown/reddish complexion. My complexion I had to thank my daddy for. The perfect combination of my two loves. My mother instilled in me a fierce confidence. The knowledge of my beauty and capabilities. But there still comes a time when the world tries to become your teacher.

Kids can be so cruel, and after hearing so many times that my mother wasn't my mother, couldn't be, well why was I so dark?...I began to wish I were lighter. Why can't I be redder like my mom and my grandma? I remember being told not to use vasoline to moisturize because if I went into the sun with it on my skin I'd get blacker and stay blacker. I definitely didn't want that. I wanted to be beautiful like my momma. Like Jasmine Guy. Like Vanessa Williams. Like Lisa Bonet. Like Tia and Tamara. Like Aaliyah. Like Tyra Banks.

Sometimes when I dried my hair after washing it I would let the towel hang and pretend that the touch of the towel on my back was a long straight mane. Freshly washed and hanging down nice and perfect. We didn't have virgin, brazilian and Yaki growing up in the 90s but I definitely made use of my synthetic braids and weave ponytails. And don't even get me started on the blue contacts I started wearing in middle school. Everyone was doing it, but I guess I didn't realize that having temporary blue eyes was me looking into the mirror and not seeing my dark brown eyed soul clearly.

As a tween I began to identify with a #girlcrush on a dark skinned woman who was beautiful on my TV and radio. Meelah Williams, of the singing group 702, was the LEAD singer of a girl group! Not in the background, but the lead. She was so amazing to me. Her skin was glowy, she was talented, and she was my complexion. Every girl needs role models that look like her and although there have been others, she was influential in beginning to change the views on my own beauty. I was 13 years old when their first album came out in 1996. Soon after as a budding teen I began watching Lauren Hill, Jill Marie Jones, Regina King, Naomi Campbell, Brandy as Moesha, Gabrielle Union, and Tichina Arnold.


After maturation I realized that there was Grace Jones, Nina Simone, Cicely Tyson, and Pearl Bailey. But, still today at 33, I am pleasantly surprised when I see a dark skinned woman as the love interest in a music video. When I see a darker skinned woman playing the wife of the main man in a popular movie. Do I see it often enough? Sadly no. Especially in the cultural times when a foreign chick (or close to foreign looking as possible) is a badge of honor. Where's the honor in my skin? Where's the honor in my nappy coils?

Today I feel like younger girls see so many successful darker skinned women represented daily, and that is amazing! Viola Davis, Teyonnah Paris, Kelly Rowland, Tika Sumpter, Anika Noni Rose, Janelle Monae, Lupita Nyong'o, and MICHELLE Obama to name a few.

When I have my chocolate girl I will make sure she knows her beauty, just like my mom did for me. I just hope that when society starts to teach her that her beauty is abnormal, that she will be able to function through it. She'll appreciate her kinky hair, big lips, and wide nose. She'll be able to love herself loudly. She'll see through the praise her hair gets only when her hair is straightened. She'll ignore the stares of men who see her as a dark skinned fantasy and not what's underneath. She'll understand that she is not pretty for a dark skinned girl, but JUST PRETTY. The abundance of her melanin will be a blessing and not a curse. She can affectionately but assertively state that her beauty standards are just that...HERS!

I see and understand that my beauty is just that MY beauty. Each has their own. But it took a long time to fully 100% love Jazmine Jade, and I will not apologize for doing it out loud! Some of you women had a head start, but you better believe the catch up is real. It's full speed ahead and no signs of slowing down. Love yours.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A part of being at Peace is having a place to think, pray, praise, meditate, etc. A place where you feel safe. A sanctuary doesn't always have to be a church, temple, or mosque. It can be where you make it. God is everywhere and in everything.

Often times the things that you love make you feel renewed. This brings me to 5 categories of things that are a must have in your own personal sanctuary. You must appeal to your senses in order to create your ideal environment.

The 5 S's....

1. Sight

Seeing things that remind you of your positive intention will help set you into motion. Calming or spiritual art pieces and statues. Inspirational messages that speak volumes to you will help your thinking.

2. Smells

Candles, incense, or aromatherapy oils that will set up an environment for relaxation. My favorite scents are usually sweet, vanillas and cinnamons, however in my meditation room I aim for tons of different candles to have for different feelings and occasions. Since you'll be focusing on breathing and more aware of everything in your surroundings during your meditation its important to breathe in  smells that can aid in your goals. For example, when your goal is to ground yourself you'll be focusing on your root chakra so earthy smells such as Patchouli or Sandalwood
may aid in this area. 

3. Sound

Ah. My one of my favorites. Sound! Sound can take you anywhere if you close your eyes. It can put you on the beach, at home with your parents, or at a favorite part of your life. It can also make you forget about the fuss and turmoil of the day. In my room I have a record wall, but I do plan to buy a record player soon. Any music that you love is great to have around when you are using your room to relax or maybe read, but as far as meditation my preference is music with little to no words or relaxing melodic sounds. I have a list of my perfect songs to relax to in your meditation room coming on another post soon...

4. Spirit

It is a must that you have things that will evoke positive energy around you. Things like crystals, plants, and stones can store and emit energy. They are life. They're unchanging frequencies. A couple of the crystals I choose to have include...

Black Tourmaline (not pictured). This was the first crystal I learned about. It is a crystal of protection.  It helps neutralize and purify negative energies. It is also a powerful stone for grounding or connecting ones Root Chakra to the Earth.

Amethyst. Amethyst is considered one of the best crystals for meditation. It is associated with our Crown chakra, the highest. It can increase intuition and spirituality.

Amazonite. Associated with your Heart Chakra, it assists in communication and emotional healing energy. It has been nicknamed the Stone of Truth.

More on this later?

5. Seating

Of course you want to be comfortable while in your mediation or prayer room. So seating is a big thing! I choose to have a huge comfy cushion but I also love the idea of having rugs and huge pillows. Whether the rugs are colorful and Moroccan inspired or Neutral in color, having several of them will add to your rooms look. In another corner of my room I plan to have a couple of metal wire or wicker chairs for additional seating.

The photos that you see of my room are the very beginning. I have so many more items I'd like to add. I suppose as I add items I'll post them and show updates!

My Weekend

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I spent my weekend hanging out with me. I loooovvee having an impromptu day with myself. I decided to go to the shops on Ponce which is a newer shopping development with living quarters. There are some pretty neat places to eat and some stores I have never been to there so I had fun looking around.

Rejuvenation is a home store that has pieces that have a very updated rustic feel.  I simply adored the bathtub in the showroom! They have lighting galore and every fixture detail that you can think of. This store is probably a home owners dream. I know I saw several things that I cant wait to buy for my future home. Like these marble and wood coasters below.

In the middle of exploring I took a second out to grab a bite to eat. I never really was a Mediterranean food girl but ever since I stopped eating meat I have been eating it more frequently. They have such good vegetarian options. But Marrakesh had some great looking items to choose from. I mean Couscous with mint leaves, cranberries, walnuts, and feta...come on!! I settled for Falafel with pitas and a side of Rice with benefits (seasoned cooked rice with sautéed onions, nuts, and dried fruits), and red beat salad. Yum!!!

At SugarBoo and Co I was so enamored by the cute inspiration there. From inspirational quotes to handmade clay items, and gardening décor, you would find several pieces you love here.

I am going to go back here as soon as I can and rack up on these inspirational cards. I have decided to keep the ones that speak to me the loudest with me daily in my purse or wallet and switch them out as I feel. For $1 you can buy so many cards and maybe even gift a few. I noticed online that they don't sell them separately but they have them in bundles here and here.

At the end of my day there I simply sat back outside and relaxed while I read a little.
And check out the view!!!

There were so many more shops there! Mainly things that I'm familiar with already like Sephora, Alex and Ani, Anthropologie, Madewell, and West Elm to name a few. It was a much needed day off. 

Will you check out the stores I linked? I think you'll enjoy them.

Burnt Orange Vintage

Thursday, June 2, 2016

How fun is this purse!? I adore the details and how it looks like it may have been hand crafted. That's the beauty of thrifting. You never know what kind of treasures and neat things you might find! Now, don't get me wrong I love Nordstrom, Boutiques, Asos, etc just like the next chick, but thrifting has my heart.

Dress: Thrifted // Purse: Vintage // Shoes: Just Fab

I found some similar and damn cute options below.
Hang tight, it's almost the weekend!

I fon

My weekend (Memorial Day Weekend)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jean jumpsuit: Thrifted // Sunnies: Local Boutique

This jumpsuit was an amazing find! And all for $7. Yup. I slay. But this one is just as amazing (if not more). And this!! I want!

I had a pretty full weekend! On Saturday I went to the Atlanta Soul Fest with Lalah Hathaway, Eric Roberson, Anthony David, The Robert Glasper Experiment, and Syleena Johnson. It was a great show! Lalah sounds heavenly in person and Eric Roberson has such a great voice and character. I took some video and will try and add it so y'all can see for yourself!

Hat: H&M // Sandals: Zara

This hat was cutesy and all but not big enough to shield all that Sun! I love the shape of this hat and this hat! I like the size of this one, and how fun is this!!

My flats are from a couple years back but these are similar and just as fun neutral. Also I'm kinda in love with these and these.

Of course we had great wine and alcohol! But this s'more funnel cake was the shit that only dreams are made of!!!  
On Sunday, Sean and I hit the Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park. He had to be a hipster and bring his bike. I'm kinda jealous though because I wanted a bike too, lol! Where's my bike!?  A mint green bike to be exact. Ever since we came back from New Orleans earlier this year I've wanted one to ride around during the summer and sightsee.

 I love drinking out of mason jars. I guess its a southern thing....

Of course on Monday we grilled a little bit and hung out by the pool very shortly. I also got in some thrifting on Monday and took some good ole 50% off goodness home with me. I can't wait to put up the new items for Jade Vintage!  
So, how was your weekend?