Leopard and Leather

Sunday, February 3, 2019

I have spent way too much time on Eloquiis website. Honestly since I've become more loving to my size 16 frame I've been dressing accordingly, then in walks Eloquii. And they have amazing ass sales! Like this leopard coat. I'm just saying, don't be surprised if most of my wardrobe posts include Eloquii!

My pants were a must have from Target, last years Who What Wear collection. And they are super hot...literally. I was burning up in this once the afternoon hit. But I really hit the mark when I found these white booties at Rue 21 for $7. Yup, you read that right.

But seriously you can never go wrong with Leopard and Leather. 

Get in on the look by shopping some super cute options I found below.

A Box of Chocolates

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

So ummm, I just started really digging sneakers about 3 years ago. Since then I have a nice little collection. I'd say 11 pairs. Is that a collection? Anywho these Nike Cortez were on my wishlist for a while because they go with just about anything and they remind me of one of my favorite movies... Forrest Gump!

How friggin cute is my mini? Well technically she favors her dad, but who's paying attention to that? Lol!
This suit jacket and trousers from Charlotte Russe caught my eye because I can wear it to work or to kick around in on the weekend. It also makes for good separates. I can live in a suit, they never steer you wrong. 

Sounds of the Universe

Monday, January 7, 2019

First of all how cute is this hoodie dress from She In!!! I didn't realize that they had such cute childrens clothes and great prices.
Yesterday was such a gorgeous day here in Atlanta, so we went out window shopping and to grab some food. I really wish that I could have gotten some more pictures of her outfit but, a running toddler is hard to take pictures of!

We hope you enjoy your Monday!

Lead the Way

Saturday, September 8, 2018

While crafting this post I literally just realized that all of Hendrix's outfit is Target! I love that place.
Onesie: Target // Tulle Skirt: Target // Cowgirl boots: Target // Turban: See this post

Hendrix's onesie says Malcolm, Martin, Harriet, Ida... Lead the Way. I love putting Hendrix in cute clothes, especially ones that really say something. I have a huge job to do. Grow and water an individual. And I plan to impact her with those who came before us and set an example.

We are picking up some Fall items for Hendrix and I have a couple things I have my eye on. But I had to get some cowgirl boots for her. I can see her in these with so many outfits. 


In most of her pictures she is taking off in a run and I have to pause and catch up to her real quick! But those are the pictures I love because they really show her personality. Can you just look at the legs in these boots!! Adore!

Decatur book fair

Sunday, September 2, 2018

It’s been a great summer for books. We got a chance to explore at the Decatur Book Fair yesterday. It was hot but we listened to some authors talk about their books, and saw some titles we wanna buy. We even came across some live poetry at a little coffee shop. Ate some lunch, and of course we stopped and had ice cream at the cutest little shop. 

Hendrix’s outfit 
Kimono: Crazy 8 // Romper: Old Navy // Shoes: Converse

I didn’t get a good full outfit picture but I’m wearing 

Dress: Forever21 // chains from my shop: Jade Vintage and Jewelry // Shoes: San Edelman by way of TJ Maxx

We’ve been singing about the importance of sharing and saying please and thank you. So Hendrix even loves sharing with people that she meets. ❤️

After a full day Hendrix kicked back and fell asleep. I don’t know why my child always has to have her feet propped up, lol!

How did you kick off your long weekend?

We're Going to Need More Books

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hendrix definitely loves two things already... books and music. We recently found a place nearby our home called Books by the Pound. You get as many books as you want and they weigh them. You just pay $3.99 per pound. I got Hendrix a few books but it takes sooooo long to look through them. So Hendrix just decided to kick back and flip through Pocahontas while I looked around for some books for mommy.

I'm really into spiritual, self help, and autobiographies lately. I want so many more autobiographies now after listening to Jenifer Lewis' "The Mother of Black Hollywood" and Gabrielle Union's "We're Going to Need More Wine" on audible. have a huge want list of books on amazon right now for me and Hendrix both. Here is what is on our list... I'm making my way down it slowly but surely!

A few on Hendrix's List

Image result for how to trick the tooth fairy

"How to Trick the Tooth Fairy" by Erin Danielle Russell

Image result for all are welcome children's book

"All are Welcome" by Alexandra Penfold

Image result for what is light markette sheppard

"What is Light" by Market Sheppard

Image result for listening with my heart gabi garcia

Image result for how to babysit a grandma

A few on my wishlist

Image result for children of blood and bone

Image result for black privilege

"Black Privilege" by Charlamagne the God

Image result for the four agreements

"The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz

            What do you have on your book wish list?                                                                                              

Baby Selfies

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sometimes all I can do is look at this child in amazement. She is learning more and more each day. Learning from me and her other cherished ones. As I grow sometimes I learn some nerve-racking things but I know that ultimately my knowledge will make me a better mom. Unlearning is my job so that her awareness is atop of mine.  Ps. It’s super hard to take a selfie with her now because she grabs and tries to control the phone. 

What are some things your child does that just makes you laugh and shake your head? ❤️❤️