Speaking, Spelling, Energy

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I have two very distinct moles on my body. The one on my back is just a huge dark circle near my right shoulder. The second one is on my face on my left cheek. Let's just call that one my Dorothy Dandridge mole (although it's more placed like Marilyn Monroe's).
My mother told me that when I was born the doctor told her that the big mole on my back meant I was going to be intelligent. She also told me that moles only appear on the most beautiful part of your body, and the mole on my face meant my face was beautiful.
I believed these things whole-heartedly. I took them as fact because, well because my mom said it was so. I knew that my beauty mark made my face beautiful and thought I must be smart because the doctor said that's what my mole meant.

If you do nothing else as a parent it is soooo important to speak positive words to your kids. They believe them! The world does so much to break us down, why start that process at home?
Each morning before I go to work I place my right hand over Hendrix while she is sleeping. I visually place her in a golden bubble and tell her I love her. I tell her she's an amazing, smart baby. When she's awake and we're talking I tell her that her skin is beautiful. I tell her she is funny. I don't care that she is only 6 months old and can't really make out the language, I care that we are starting this early and she can feel the vibes of the good words that her mama bestows upon her. It matters.



Monday, August 21, 2017

 During todays eclipse I decided to use the heightened moon energy to set some serious cosmic motion. So I took my crystals and filled a mason jar full of purified water and set them out on the patio. Before i left them I held each one and talked to God. I held the jar of water and repeated the same things. 

In addition to asking for Gods favor, I spoke my future out loud. It is important that you accept what you ask for before you get it. Ask, and then talk about it as though you already have it. I've decided to be happy with or without other people's help. 

The following things are about to manifest in my life...

Less Anxiety

Lately I have had a lot of anxiety. Duh! Being a new mom has that affect of course. But its in my nature to be an over feeler (more on that later). So for me it's been somewhat unique. In the first weeks it was not being able to sleep because I was watching her like a hawk. Making sure her chest was moving up and down. Putting my finger near her nose to feel her breath. Then there was the anxiety of breastfeeding. Then the shortage of money from being on leave. Then its thinking about going back to work, and how in the hell am I gonna leave my baby with strangers at a daycare to care for her.  How do I trust them? How can I be without my sweet baby for 10 hours a day and I can barely do a store run without missing her? The thoughts are sometimes so overwhelming I've thought about quitting my job hundreds of times. 

As of today I am resetting. I will have a healthy anxiety because it will help me be alert. All unnecessary and overwhelming anxiety has no place in my mind. I will be okay and my darling baby will be okay. 

More Love

I need all the love that is possible for me to hold right now. I don't have to tell anyone who is married with children how easy it is for your spouse to take a backseat to baby. I'm also sure you know how men and women clash when baby/household duties become a huge issue, especially with a frazzled mom. The love I feel has honestly been more reserved for Hendrix and my irritation for my husband. I realize that today I need to make changes.

As of today I am resetting. I will receive more love and attention from my husband and he from me. I will give more love to those who need it. All of my relationships will prosper. My entire world will be an abundance of love. I will allow it to fill every corner of my life and those who are in my presence will love more because of the energy that they feel from me.

Better Health

When I found out I was pregnant with 'Drix I was a vegetarian. I slowly began to introduce chicken and turkey back into my diet so the baby could have good sources of protein (per my drs suggestion). I can remember a time where my body looked good but more importantly I felt great! Now I know I just had a baby but my healthiness was on the decline just prior to conception so I know it's going to take some dedication to myself to get back to where I need to be. I'm not 100% sure of whether I will return to vegetarianism but I do know that I will be going back to a simpler less processed way of eating. And plenty of smoothies and juices again!!

As of today I am resetting. My body will be healthy. My mind will be healthy. My health must take precedence again.


I don't intend to request lavish things but I did set some intentions on being able to be comfortable in my home, my career aspirations and financially able to do what we need and most of what we want. 

As of today I am resetting. My family and I will be comfortable in our home. We will have all that we need and most of what we want. We will have no stress over bills and be able to pursue careers and/or hobbies that interest us.

Last but not least...


I can't even begin to tell you how good I felt when I began my journey into self awareness and learned how to navigate my mind. I felt so light. I felt so free. It was like an infinite amount of knowledge I was letting pass me by and I wanted to grab it all and stuff it into me. I've allowed the hustle and bustle of life to slow down my higher learning. It is a must for me that I pick up where I left off! I have so many books to read, documentaries to watch, and people to connect with.

As of today I am resetting. I will regain my fervor for spiritual knowledge. I will continue to learn how to access the gifts that my ancestors have for me. I will feel good again about learning to let go in order to feel grounded. 

I'll be obviously be wearing my crystals or have them near me in my home. But with my water I'm eager to try some different things. I think I will sprinkle some in my bath time, use some in smoothies, make a bottle I can use to mist myself, or maybe do some other pampering activities!

So those are the things that I will be getting. Those are the things I need to feel complete. What did you meditate on during the eclipse? Did you get to watch it?

Trusting Your Process

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Please tell me, how do body and esteem issues creep up into our pregnancies?
From maternity photos to pregnancy vlogs, watching other women and thinking... "her bump looks perfect...her stomach is so pretty and smooth...her belly button has popped out...when will I feel my baby kick like so and so did at 18 weeks...why have I gained x lbs while she gained z lbs."

There are so many things to worry about during pregnancy. It is a joyous time but can easily become very stressful. So throughout my creation journey I adapted ways of thinking to overcome unnecessary anxiety and achieve higher esteem. I'll keep it all the way funky and share 3 with you here.

1. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Allow yourself to feel joy! You cannot do that if your worried about someone else's journey. There is more than one way to arrive at the same destination. Although my stomach is more rounded now, it took longer than I thought so I began to research pregnant bellies. Through many forums I found that there are, what they call, B bellies, and apron bellies. I began to try and categorize myself. Why do we feel it necessary to box yourself into a certain demo? I mean, why can't I just be happy that I am carrying life in my womb regardless of the shape of my belly. Why complain to my husband that I look fat instead of pregnant when WE knew and our LOVED ONES knew. My attempt to normalize began to bother me and I'm glad I caught myself early. This is not what pregnancy is. Pregnancy is a beautiful blessing that comes in all shapes and sizes. So, relish in your uniqueness. All of this new 40 pounds is mine and my babies. These few new skin tags are here and in weird places. My heavy breasts started as Ds and are now into the double maybe triple. And it's all me! My beauty, my body!!! All experiences welcome.

2. Uplift yourself

UPLIFT YOURSELF!!! I cannot stress this enough. You're already flooded with hormones that make you tired and irritable, so why be miserable by feeling less of your experience. Amongst all of the planning, and preparing its okay to remind yourself to relax. Be present in the moment. Pregnancy, like anything else, goes by so quickly. So sit still and feel those kicks. Commit to memory what they feel like. Take time to bond with your unborn baby but don't forget to do the things that you enjoyed doing before. Positive affirmations that you write or say daily will help you along your journey. It'll give baby a dose of good energy too. Remind yourself that you are a BADASS woman doing a thing only women can do. Your body is bending, stretching, and opening up to bring a new life and that is amazing, regardless of your doubts or hang ups. You are important! You are strong! You are necessary!

3. Trust your Body

From day one of finding out I was pregnant I was on google. Now while there are plenty of informative articles and help forums, it can sometimes becoming overwhelming. The anxiety of miscarriages and uncertainty of pregnancy can become too much if you let it. Your body knows what to do! When you trust in the process of pregnancy you can have more peace during the ride! I'm not saying don't pay attention to warning signs. I'm saying to not let it envelope you. Inform yourself, but don't let the information bombard you.

Birthing is not a disease to be treated. God has designed this system perfectly with no help from you (other than the obvious :) ). Once you realize birthing is nothing to fear it becomes a normal process to you. Women since the beginning of time have done this so relax, you're in good company.

Baby and I have a little over 2 more months to go! Wowzers. Are you pregnant now or have you had children? What things did you do to be present in your pregnancy?


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Today I danced with you in the shower. We danced to "A Sentimental Mood" by Duke Ellington/John Coltrane, and "Wild is the Wind" by Nina Simone. From what I've read you began to hear me around 18 weeks but I know that you've always heard me. You've always felt me and my energy and now I can feel you. I enjoy our dances together. Throughout all the hustle and bustle of my day I can finally slow it down and remind myself that you've been with me all day.

Your spirit has already been assigned to me. So during our shower dances my words to you are... 

"You are safe with me"
"Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you"
"You are beautiful"
"I love you"

I'll always dance with you little girl. Mommy will always dance with you.

From finding out I was pregnant I decided to make my first experience with pregnancy as spiritual as possible. After all I am bringing a life into the world through my own personal portal. How more spiritual can you get? I had my eye on the beautiful art work from Studio Spirit Y Sol. Her meditation deck of cards are beautiful hand drawn miniature art cards designed to assist you with focusing on positive words.

I had no idea that for the first months the only thing I could focus on was trying to stay awake and trying to muster up enough energy to deal with work. There are 25 cards in the deck, I decided it would be perfect to focus on one word per week. I'll randomly select a card until the process is complete.

I hope to, but I may not get around to sharing all 25 sentiments. You'll have to let me know if you'd be interested in my weekly thoughts surrounding this deck of cards.

This weeks word... DANCE.

Fall is Here!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Woke up this morning and mopped around for my usual 5 minutes. Then suddenly I exclaimed YES!!! This isn't my typical morning behavior, so of course I sparked Sean's curiousity. After he asked I explained my excitement was because it's almost October! Anyone who knows me knows I love scary shit! So, I'm super excited for the scary movie marathons. Also for the return of American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.

I'm not only excited about my horror genre overload. I am extremely excited about the Fall Fashion. Fall is my absolute favorite season! I can't wait to wear my sweaters tucked into my jeans with a bomb pair of mules. Or my blazers and knee boots!! Not to mention, leather bombers, furs, and wool hats! Bring it on Fall! 

Lynark Synard Tee: Walmart (this one is dope too!) // Pants: Thrifted // Shoes: Topshop // Crossbody: Thrifted

View some of my favorite Fall loves here on pinterest!

Shop Similar looks below.


Mother of This Dark Skinned Girl

Friday, September 2, 2016

If you haven't read my writing entitled "Dear Dark Girl," you can read it here.
My mother wrote the most moving response and put it on my facebook page. I want to share it with you here...
To the audience:

 I am the mother of this dark skinned daughter, this beautiful life called Jazmine Jade!

“Look at her ears”...Yeah, she’ll get darker, you can tell by the baby’s ears.”
My response: I hope she will!...
"You sure do love color on her, don’t you?"
My response: "She’ll wear whatever color I put on her!"
"Will you keep her hair in braids?"
 I could go on, but you get the picture. These are some of the questions posed to me, as the mother of a little dark skinned girl. And that was from the dark complected side of her family.
Bless their hearts, they subdued their hue in blacks and blues!

 Subdue my daughter’s hue...not on your life. She had no deficiency, she was blessed with a melanin proficiency! How do you tell an eight year old, that in essence, light complexions translate as "racially similar" to whites and therefore whites (and some of us) feel more comfortable accepting these shades of African Americans.
But how I did adorn her! Her rich pigment has always mesmerized me, how it took color so well! I loved yellow,but always felt like it washed me out. But to me, through my daughter’s bronzeness everything was enhanced...

 Through teen times, and as she grew older,there were older dark skinned women who found a certain acquaintable appeal with my daughter. Being that she was smart, vibrant and included, she was progress to their senior dark girl selves. "You are beautiful", they would say to her. You could tell that they wished someone had told them that when they were younger. 

“Because I am dark, the moon and the stars shine brighter” -
Joyce Carol Thomas.

 To my daughter: 
 By now I hope you know that the jokes tossed at you during your lifetime did not weigh anything compared to the richness in your deep skin tone. All that you can do is be beautiful in the skin you’re in, and challenge yourself to stay within that realm of thinking, with a head held high. You don’t need to provide any explanation as to why your shaded skin is its complexion. All you need is a strengthened level esteem – provided by God’s stamp and yourself.
I challenge you to drink esteem and feed on what you know to be true. You are one example of perfection, in which a higher power gave life to. You have a skin tone, that’s luxurious and timeless like the finest and purest wines. I challenged you to be beautiful, (when you doubted you could wear your hair natural) no matter what your public may have to say. For dark skin is a jewel, and your acceptance of it will be your riches. I challenge you dark skinned daughter, to love yourself – above all, anything, and anyone that tells you different. I challenge you to be beautiful, above all strife and ignorance. 
We are color struck
The way an artist strikes
His canvas with his brush of many hues
Look closely at these mirrors
these palettes of skin
Each color is rich
in its own right
Baby, there is nothing basic about your black. Your black is dazzling and distinctive!




10 Things to know before you attend Afro Punk

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What a fuckin' experience. I mean wow. So much peace, tranquility, and beauty. I will definitely be going again. Here are 10 things you need to know before attending Afro Punk.

1. There will be an abundance of beauty!!!!! Beautiful women, beautiful men. Men dressed as kings, women baring nipples. Beauty everywhere you turn. It's an overwhelming feeling because the beauty is not only outwards but in the peaceful spirits of the people there. People are happy, vibing, dancing, and feeling. You will have people complimenting you, smiling, and just showing outwardly love. 

2. Be as outlandish as you want to be!! Seize this moment. I mean how often will you get to wear a crown of jewels? How often will you get to adorn yourself with a ton of metallic tattoos? You may not often get to express yourself through fashion everyday, especially if you work a 9-5. So now is not the time to be demure. Wear your feather headdresses and face paint. Rock your pink wig and your nipple flowers!!!! You'll be in good company. Also there will be photographers of major magazines and media outlets.

3. This may not be a no brainer to some so...Wear comfortable shoes!! Be careful about wearing sandals with little coverage because your feet will look like you walked through volcanic ash at the end of the day. I mean I literally looked like I walked the streets of Pompei without shoes. On the other hand at least you can wash your feet. Be careful not to wear any shoes you don't want to destroy, i.e. white or new sneakers.

4. It will be extremely crowded!! If you are not a person for crowds or get nervous around thousands of people, this is not the place for you. Some of the more mainstream artist will have so many people at their performance that the area may become uncomfortable, depending on the size. 

5. This one is really important for bloggers and photography enthusiast....they do not allow cameras with detachable lens. Make sure to take all of your blog worthy photos before the event because once you are in there your smart phone pics will be the best you can get. Unless you happen to be photographed by one of the people covering media for the event.

6. Be ready to shop! Budget for some spending. There will be so many vendors there with unique items. T-shirts, jewelry, art, vintage, body products, etc. Of course you'll want to leave with something that will remind you of your experience there.

7. Go with your friends who will vibe with you. You don't want to be with someone who isn't a music lover or someone who'll be a "debbie downer" at a festival. Go with a crew that is fun loving and ready for the experience.

8. The music will be phenomenal. Not only the artists but the DJs too. The DJ at the main stage in Brooklyn was on point! She played everything from Crime Mobb's "Knuck if you Buck" to K.p. and Envyi's "Shawty Swing My Way". It was seamless. You will dance. You'll be sweaty. But you'll love every minute of it. 

9. There will be plenty of food options. Don't worry about being hungry. Vegans, and my fellow vegetarians, there will be options for you too. When you buy a box of water, the refills are free. Make sure you stay hydrated. 

10. Download the app!!! Yes, Afropunk has their own app. The app gives you a wealth of information. It will tell you where the entrance to the festival is. Most importantly, it will give details on all of the performances, what time they come on, and which stage they will be on. It's also an amazing way to know what activities will go on at AfroPunk after dark. 

(Pictures to follow are not my work. Pictures pulled from Instagram's #Afropunk. Most images from @dreadedphoto.) 

AfroPunk is definitely not just a breathtaking experience. It is an entire culture. A lifestyle. 

No Sexism.
No Racism. 
No Ableism.
No Ageism.
No Homophobia.
No Fatphobia.
No Transphobia.
No Hatefulness.

But most importantly. Good vibes!!!