Hendrix has been dressing herself lately. I’ll ask her what she wants to wear and she pulls it out. All mom does it make sure that it is weather appropriate or make an adjustment or two. But this look all her. She pulled out this tutu and boots and I was like “oh, okayyy then!”

Looks like she was gonna hit the dougie for y’all real quick, but she was just running away from the camera and mom has quick reflexes. Haha!

What are some things you do to instill autonomy and confidence in your children? Letting Heni pick out her clothes is fun for me and her! 

Hendrix’s boots are from Nordstrom and I got them for $17!!! I wish they had more but here is a cool kids shoe site I found with some similar boots

Also, most of Heni’s rock tees have come from the boys section. So always look in the little boys area to find some cool unisex items too!

Check out some things we found to re-create this look.