Things hit different when your raising a whole human. Of course it’s always important to know your history and know thyself, but now I have this beautiful little girl watching. 

Do you remember that experiment when they showed the lighter and darker dolls to little kids and asked which one was smarter, more beautiful, more fun etc... ? Well it was always heart breaking to see the black children point to the darkest doll as the ugliest and most stupid or mean. 

How do we ingrain an early self love? We speak to our kids. One thing I try and do with Hendrix is shower her with compliments. If I catch her basking in the mirror, I’ll tell her she’s so pretty. Her hair is thick. Her skin is gorgeous and smooth. And I know she’s listening because she’ll tell me all the time what she likes on me. She’s doing what she is learning.

Black is not only outward beauty but inner beauty and intelligence. So I show her black authors and black dolls. She’ll be three soon and I’m going to be showing her all the ways we contribute to society and the world. How black and brown people show up and leave their imprint. If no one else teaches her, I will. The world will try and show her she’s not it, but Princess Hendrix will already be beyond that.  

Hendrix and I are wearing t-shirts from Target.