Welcome to my blog! Well, it's been here but ya know...welcome back! It's 2020, and I'm glad to find myself in a creative space. Looking better and feeling better! I am such a different person even from last year. My spirituality has shifted tremendously. I started creating in completely new avenues. I've learned so much about myself and as I approach 37 I have a new awareness of myself and my developing wisdom.

So here's to a new year and the same me, but always striving.


I cannot even count how many suits I have purchased from Eloquii over the last couple of years. I think I am at 11 suits. They're suits just fit me so perfectly. The quality is superb and they are so chic and perfect for looking bomb in or out of the office. This unique wrap blazer was on my wishlist the minute I saw it and their 50% off deals don't hurt either. Make sure you check out their Semi Annual clearance they have up to 80% off in some of their clearance. You might see 40% of my wardrobe from there. This is not even a joke guys, like seriously run.

Click the photos below for my blue suit!