It’s been a great summer for books. We got a chance to explore at the Decatur Book Fair yesterday. It was hot but we listened to some authors talk about their books, and saw some titles we wanna buy. We even came across some live poetry at a little coffee shop. Ate some lunch, and of course we stopped and had ice cream at the cutest little shop. 

Hendrix’s outfit 
Kimono: Crazy 8 // Romper: Old Navy // Shoes: Converse

I didn’t get a good full outfit picture but I’m wearing 

Dress: Forever21 // chains from my shop: Jade Vintage and Jewelry // Shoes: San Edelman by way of TJ Maxx

We’ve been singing about the importance of sharing and saying please and thank you. So Hendrix even loves sharing with people that she meets. ❤️

After a full day Hendrix kicked back and fell asleep. I don’t know why my child always has to have her feet propped up, lol!

How did you kick off your long weekend?