Let's talk about this outfit shall we? Daddy got her dressed today. He decided to throw on her boy jeans from Macys with the matching jean jacket and her SOUL onesie. The turban was my suggestion (I'm sure he wouldn't have been able to do her ponytails).
My first turban purchase was before she was even born! I had it waiting for her. It was from Mommie Me Turbans, in my favorite color mint green. I think her shop is on hiatus, but she can still be found on insta @alexiscireturner or @alexisaciredeisgns.
Her second turban in floral I bought was from Little Knots. This is probably my favorite turban of hers. Now while these turbans are SUPER CUTE, they are about $15 to $18 a piece. Oncea poncea time (like my gran would say)... I could do that but ummm I be tryna save a little coin. But they do have some new prints I definitely want to get her for summer tho!!
Sooooo her next 4 turban purchases were from Ali Express. I picked up this green one pictured, a black, red, and baby pink for get this.... $1.55 each!
I do plan to purchase some more turbans from other small businesses but since I want her to have like every color, I gotta get some low priced ones too.

We went for a little stroll and bead shopping in downtown Lawrenceville, which is really cute by the way. Stopped for food and ducked in and out of some boutiques. Everyone stopped to speak to Hendrix. I have a little social butterly
Shop Hendrix's turbans here.
Other links where we have purchased here and here.
Soul Onesie: Target (sold out)
Jean Jacket: Macys
Boy Jeans (distressed by me): Macys

PS. It was so hard to get these pics. As soon as I put her down she'd take off! Lol! Of course looking for twigs and things on the ground to put in her mouth. I already have a toddler!