I have two very distinct moles on my body. The one on my back is just a huge dark circle near my right shoulder. The second one is on my face on my left cheek. Let's just call that one my Dorothy Dandridge mole (although it's more placed like Marilyn Monroe's).
My mother told me that when I was born the doctor told her that the big mole on my back meant I was going to be intelligent. She also told me that moles only appear on the most beautiful part of your body, and the mole on my face meant my face was beautiful.
I believed these things whole-heartedly. I took them as fact because, well because my mom said it was so. I knew that my beauty mark made my face beautiful and thought I must be smart because the doctor said that's what my mole meant.

If you do nothing else as a parent it is soooo important to speak positive words to your kids. They believe them! The world does so much to break us down, why start that process at home?
Each morning before I go to work I place my right hand over Hendrix while she is sleeping. I visually place her in a golden bubble and tell her I love her. I tell her she's an amazing, smart baby. When she's awake and we're talking I tell her that her skin is beautiful. I tell her she is funny. I don't care that she is only 6 months old and can't really make out the language, I care that we are starting this early and she can feel the vibes of the good words that her mama bestows upon her. It matters.