During todays eclipse I decided to use the heightened moon energy to set some serious cosmic motion. So I took my crystals and filled a mason jar full of purified water and set them out on the patio. Before i left them I held each one and talked to God. I held the jar of water and repeated the same things. 

In addition to asking for Gods favor, I spoke my future out loud. It is important that you accept what you ask for before you get it. Ask, and then talk about it as though you already have it. I've decided to be happy with or without other people's help. 

The following things are about to manifest in my life...

Less Anxiety

Lately I have had a lot of anxiety. Duh! Being a new mom has that affect of course. But its in my nature to be an over feeler (more on that later). So for me it's been somewhat unique. In the first weeks it was not being able to sleep because I was watching her like a hawk. Making sure her chest was moving up and down. Putting my finger near her nose to feel her breath. Then there was the anxiety of breastfeeding. Then the shortage of money from being on leave. Then its thinking about going back to work, and how in the hell am I gonna leave my baby with strangers at a daycare to care for her.  How do I trust them? How can I be without my sweet baby for 10 hours a day and I can barely do a store run without missing her? The thoughts are sometimes so overwhelming I've thought about quitting my job hundreds of times. 

As of today I am resetting. I will have a healthy anxiety because it will help me be alert. All unnecessary and overwhelming anxiety has no place in my mind. I will be okay and my darling baby will be okay. 

More Love

I need all the love that is possible for me to hold right now. I don't have to tell anyone who is married with children how easy it is for your spouse to take a backseat to baby. I'm also sure you know how men and women clash when baby/household duties become a huge issue, especially with a frazzled mom. The love I feel has honestly been more reserved for Hendrix and my irritation for my husband. I realize that today I need to make changes.

As of today I am resetting. I will receive more love and attention from my husband and he from me. I will give more love to those who need it. All of my relationships will prosper. My entire world will be an abundance of love. I will allow it to fill every corner of my life and those who are in my presence will love more because of the energy that they feel from me.

Better Health

When I found out I was pregnant with 'Drix I was a vegetarian. I slowly began to introduce chicken and turkey back into my diet so the baby could have good sources of protein (per my drs suggestion). I can remember a time where my body looked good but more importantly I felt great! Now I know I just had a baby but my healthiness was on the decline just prior to conception so I know it's going to take some dedication to myself to get back to where I need to be. I'm not 100% sure of whether I will return to vegetarianism but I do know that I will be going back to a simpler less processed way of eating. And plenty of smoothies and juices again!!

As of today I am resetting. My body will be healthy. My mind will be healthy. My health must take precedence again.


I don't intend to request lavish things but I did set some intentions on being able to be comfortable in my home, my career aspirations and financially able to do what we need and most of what we want. 

As of today I am resetting. My family and I will be comfortable in our home. We will have all that we need and most of what we want. We will have no stress over bills and be able to pursue careers and/or hobbies that interest us.

Last but not least...


I can't even begin to tell you how good I felt when I began my journey into self awareness and learned how to navigate my mind. I felt so light. I felt so free. It was like an infinite amount of knowledge I was letting pass me by and I wanted to grab it all and stuff it into me. I've allowed the hustle and bustle of life to slow down my higher learning. It is a must for me that I pick up where I left off! I have so many books to read, documentaries to watch, and people to connect with.

As of today I am resetting. I will regain my fervor for spiritual knowledge. I will continue to learn how to access the gifts that my ancestors have for me. I will feel good again about learning to let go in order to feel grounded. 

I'll be obviously be wearing my crystals or have them near me in my home. But with my water I'm eager to try some different things. I think I will sprinkle some in my bath time, use some in smoothies, make a bottle I can use to mist myself, or maybe do some other pampering activities!

So those are the things that I will be getting. Those are the things I need to feel complete. What did you meditate on during the eclipse? Did you get to watch it?