Please tell me, how do body and esteem issues creep up into our pregnancies?
From maternity photos to pregnancy vlogs, watching other women and thinking... "her bump looks perfect...her stomach is so pretty and smooth...her belly button has popped out...when will I feel my baby kick like so and so did at 18 weeks...why have I gained x lbs while she gained z lbs."

There are so many things to worry about during pregnancy. It is a joyous time but can easily become very stressful. So throughout my creation journey I adapted ways of thinking to overcome unnecessary anxiety and achieve higher esteem. I'll keep it all the way funky and share 3 with you here.

1. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Allow yourself to feel joy! You cannot do that if your worried about someone else's journey. There is more than one way to arrive at the same destination. Although my stomach is more rounded now, it took longer than I thought so I began to research pregnant bellies. Through many forums I found that there are, what they call, B bellies, and apron bellies. I began to try and categorize myself. Why do we feel it necessary to box yourself into a certain demo? I mean, why can't I just be happy that I am carrying life in my womb regardless of the shape of my belly. Why complain to my husband that I look fat instead of pregnant when WE knew and our LOVED ONES knew. My attempt to normalize began to bother me and I'm glad I caught myself early. This is not what pregnancy is. Pregnancy is a beautiful blessing that comes in all shapes and sizes. So, relish in your uniqueness. All of this new 40 pounds is mine and my babies. These few new skin tags are here and in weird places. My heavy breasts started as Ds and are now into the double maybe triple. And it's all me! My beauty, my body!!! All experiences welcome.

2. Uplift yourself

UPLIFT YOURSELF!!! I cannot stress this enough. You're already flooded with hormones that make you tired and irritable, so why be miserable by feeling less of your experience. Amongst all of the planning, and preparing its okay to remind yourself to relax. Be present in the moment. Pregnancy, like anything else, goes by so quickly. So sit still and feel those kicks. Commit to memory what they feel like. Take time to bond with your unborn baby but don't forget to do the things that you enjoyed doing before. Positive affirmations that you write or say daily will help you along your journey. It'll give baby a dose of good energy too. Remind yourself that you are a BADASS woman doing a thing only women can do. Your body is bending, stretching, and opening up to bring a new life and that is amazing, regardless of your doubts or hang ups. You are important! You are strong! You are necessary!

3. Trust your Body

From day one of finding out I was pregnant I was on google. Now while there are plenty of informative articles and help forums, it can sometimes becoming overwhelming. The anxiety of miscarriages and uncertainty of pregnancy can become too much if you let it. Your body knows what to do! When you trust in the process of pregnancy you can have more peace during the ride! I'm not saying don't pay attention to warning signs. I'm saying to not let it envelope you. Inform yourself, but don't let the information bombard you.

Birthing is not a disease to be treated. God has designed this system perfectly with no help from you (other than the obvious :) ). Once you realize birthing is nothing to fear it becomes a normal process to you. Women since the beginning of time have done this so relax, you're in good company.

Baby and I have a little over 2 more months to go! Wowzers. Are you pregnant now or have you had children? What things did you do to be present in your pregnancy?