Today I danced with you in the shower. We danced to "A Sentimental Mood" by Duke Ellington/John Coltrane, and "Wild is the Wind" by Nina Simone. From what I've read you began to hear me around 18 weeks but I know that you've always heard me. You've always felt me and my energy and now I can feel you. I enjoy our dances together. Throughout all the hustle and bustle of my day I can finally slow it down and remind myself that you've been with me all day.

Your spirit has already been assigned to me. So during our shower dances my words to you are... 

"You are safe with me"
"Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you"
"You are beautiful"
"I love you"

I'll always dance with you little girl. Mommy will always dance with you.

From finding out I was pregnant I decided to make my first experience with pregnancy as spiritual as possible. After all I am bringing a life into the world through my own personal portal. How more spiritual can you get? I had my eye on the beautiful art work from Studio Spirit Y Sol. Her meditation deck of cards are beautiful hand drawn miniature art cards designed to assist you with focusing on positive words.

I had no idea that for the first months the only thing I could focus on was trying to stay awake and trying to muster up enough energy to deal with work. There are 25 cards in the deck, I decided it would be perfect to focus on one word per week. I'll randomly select a card until the process is complete.

I hope to, but I may not get around to sharing all 25 sentiments. You'll have to let me know if you'd be interested in my weekly thoughts surrounding this deck of cards.

This weeks word... DANCE.