If you haven't read my writing entitled "Dear Dark Girl," you can read it here.
My mother wrote the most moving response and put it on my facebook page. I want to share it with you here...
To the audience:

 I am the mother of this dark skinned daughter, this beautiful life called Jazmine Jade!

“Look at her ears”...Yeah, she’ll get darker, you can tell by the baby’s ears.”
My response: I hope she will!...
"You sure do love color on her, don’t you?"
My response: "She’ll wear whatever color I put on her!"
"Will you keep her hair in braids?"
 I could go on, but you get the picture. These are some of the questions posed to me, as the mother of a little dark skinned girl. And that was from the dark complected side of her family.
Bless their hearts, they subdued their hue in blacks and blues!

 Subdue my daughter’s hue...not on your life. She had no deficiency, she was blessed with a melanin proficiency! How do you tell an eight year old, that in essence, light complexions translate as "racially similar" to whites and therefore whites (and some of us) feel more comfortable accepting these shades of African Americans.
But how I did adorn her! Her rich pigment has always mesmerized me, how it took color so well! I loved yellow,but always felt like it washed me out. But to me, through my daughter’s bronzeness everything was enhanced...

 Through teen times, and as she grew older,there were older dark skinned women who found a certain acquaintable appeal with my daughter. Being that she was smart, vibrant and included, she was progress to their senior dark girl selves. "You are beautiful", they would say to her. You could tell that they wished someone had told them that when they were younger. 

“Because I am dark, the moon and the stars shine brighter” -
Joyce Carol Thomas.

 To my daughter: 
 By now I hope you know that the jokes tossed at you during your lifetime did not weigh anything compared to the richness in your deep skin tone. All that you can do is be beautiful in the skin you’re in, and challenge yourself to stay within that realm of thinking, with a head held high. You don’t need to provide any explanation as to why your shaded skin is its complexion. All you need is a strengthened level esteem – provided by God’s stamp and yourself.
I challenge you to drink esteem and feed on what you know to be true. You are one example of perfection, in which a higher power gave life to. You have a skin tone, that’s luxurious and timeless like the finest and purest wines. I challenged you to be beautiful, (when you doubted you could wear your hair natural) no matter what your public may have to say. For dark skin is a jewel, and your acceptance of it will be your riches. I challenge you dark skinned daughter, to love yourself – above all, anything, and anyone that tells you different. I challenge you to be beautiful, above all strife and ignorance. 
We are color struck
The way an artist strikes
His canvas with his brush of many hues
Look closely at these mirrors
these palettes of skin
Each color is rich
in its own right
Baby, there is nothing basic about your black. Your black is dazzling and distinctive!