What a fuckin' experience. I mean wow. So much peace, tranquility, and beauty. I will definitely be going again. Here are 10 things you need to know before attending Afro Punk.

1. There will be an abundance of beauty!!!!! Beautiful women, beautiful men. Men dressed as kings, women baring nipples. Beauty everywhere you turn. It's an overwhelming feeling because the beauty is not only outwards but in the peaceful spirits of the people there. People are happy, vibing, dancing, and feeling. You will have people complimenting you, smiling, and just showing outwardly love. 

2. Be as outlandish as you want to be!! Seize this moment. I mean how often will you get to wear a crown of jewels? How often will you get to adorn yourself with a ton of metallic tattoos? You may not often get to express yourself through fashion everyday, especially if you work a 9-5. So now is not the time to be demure. Wear your feather headdresses and face paint. Rock your pink wig and your nipple flowers!!!! You'll be in good company. Also there will be photographers of major magazines and media outlets.

3. This may not be a no brainer to some so...Wear comfortable shoes!! Be careful about wearing sandals with little coverage because your feet will look like you walked through volcanic ash at the end of the day. I mean I literally looked like I walked the streets of Pompei without shoes. On the other hand at least you can wash your feet. Be careful not to wear any shoes you don't want to destroy, i.e. white or new sneakers.

4. It will be extremely crowded!! If you are not a person for crowds or get nervous around thousands of people, this is not the place for you. Some of the more mainstream artist will have so many people at their performance that the area may become uncomfortable, depending on the size. 

5. This one is really important for bloggers and photography enthusiast....they do not allow cameras with detachable lens. Make sure to take all of your blog worthy photos before the event because once you are in there your smart phone pics will be the best you can get. Unless you happen to be photographed by one of the people covering media for the event.

6. Be ready to shop! Budget for some spending. There will be so many vendors there with unique items. T-shirts, jewelry, art, vintage, body products, etc. Of course you'll want to leave with something that will remind you of your experience there.

7. Go with your friends who will vibe with you. You don't want to be with someone who isn't a music lover or someone who'll be a "debbie downer" at a festival. Go with a crew that is fun loving and ready for the experience.

8. The music will be phenomenal. Not only the artists but the DJs too. The DJ at the main stage in Brooklyn was on point! She played everything from Crime Mobb's "Knuck if you Buck" to K.p. and Envyi's "Shawty Swing My Way". It was seamless. You will dance. You'll be sweaty. But you'll love every minute of it. 

9. There will be plenty of food options. Don't worry about being hungry. Vegans, and my fellow vegetarians, there will be options for you too. When you buy a box of water, the refills are free. Make sure you stay hydrated. 

10. Download the app!!! Yes, Afropunk has their own app. The app gives you a wealth of information. It will tell you where the entrance to the festival is. Most importantly, it will give details on all of the performances, what time they come on, and which stage they will be on. It's also an amazing way to know what activities will go on at AfroPunk after dark. 

(Pictures to follow are not my work. Pictures pulled from Instagram's #Afropunk. Most images from @dreadedphoto.) 

AfroPunk is definitely not just a breathtaking experience. It is an entire culture. A lifestyle. 

No Sexism.
No Racism. 
No Ableism.
No Ageism.
No Homophobia.
No Fatphobia.
No Transphobia.
No Hatefulness.

But most importantly. Good vibes!!!