A part of being at Peace is having a place to think, pray, praise, meditate, etc. A place where you feel safe. A sanctuary doesn't always have to be a church, temple, or mosque. It can be where you make it. God is everywhere and in everything.

Often times the things that you love make you feel renewed. This brings me to 5 categories of things that are a must have in your own personal sanctuary. You must appeal to your senses in order to create your ideal environment.

The 5 S's....

1. Sight

Seeing things that remind you of your positive intention will help set you into motion. Calming or spiritual art pieces and statues. Inspirational messages that speak volumes to you will help your thinking.

2. Smells

Candles, incense, or aromatherapy oils that will set up an environment for relaxation. My favorite scents are usually sweet, vanillas and cinnamons, however in my meditation room I aim for tons of different candles to have for different feelings and occasions. Since you'll be focusing on breathing and more aware of everything in your surroundings during your meditation its important to breathe in  smells that can aid in your goals. For example, when your goal is to ground yourself you'll be focusing on your root chakra so earthy smells such as Patchouli or Sandalwood
may aid in this area. 

3. Sound

Ah. My one of my favorites. Sound! Sound can take you anywhere if you close your eyes. It can put you on the beach, at home with your parents, or at a favorite part of your life. It can also make you forget about the fuss and turmoil of the day. In my room I have a record wall, but I do plan to buy a record player soon. Any music that you love is great to have around when you are using your room to relax or maybe read, but as far as meditation my preference is music with little to no words or relaxing melodic sounds. I have a list of my perfect songs to relax to in your meditation room coming on another post soon...

4. Spirit

It is a must that you have things that will evoke positive energy around you. Things like crystals, plants, and stones can store and emit energy. They are life. They're unchanging frequencies. A couple of the crystals I choose to have include...

Black Tourmaline (not pictured). This was the first crystal I learned about. It is a crystal of protection.  It helps neutralize and purify negative energies. It is also a powerful stone for grounding or connecting ones Root Chakra to the Earth.

Amethyst. Amethyst is considered one of the best crystals for meditation. It is associated with our Crown chakra, the highest. It can increase intuition and spirituality.

Amazonite. Associated with your Heart Chakra, it assists in communication and emotional healing energy. It has been nicknamed the Stone of Truth.

More on this later?

5. Seating

Of course you want to be comfortable while in your mediation or prayer room. So seating is a big thing! I choose to have a huge comfy cushion but I also love the idea of having rugs and huge pillows. Whether the rugs are colorful and Moroccan inspired or Neutral in color, having several of them will add to your rooms look. In another corner of my room I plan to have a couple of metal wire or wicker chairs for additional seating.

The photos that you see of my room are the very beginning. I have so many more items I'd like to add. I suppose as I add items I'll post them and show updates!