I spent my weekend hanging out with me. I loooovvee having an impromptu day with myself. I decided to go to the shops on Ponce which is a newer shopping development with living quarters. There are some pretty neat places to eat and some stores I have never been to there so I had fun looking around.

Rejuvenation is a home store that has pieces that have a very updated rustic feel.  I simply adored the bathtub in the showroom! They have lighting galore and every fixture detail that you can think of. This store is probably a home owners dream. I know I saw several things that I cant wait to buy for my future home. Like these marble and wood coasters below.

In the middle of exploring I took a second out to grab a bite to eat. I never really was a Mediterranean food girl but ever since I stopped eating meat I have been eating it more frequently. They have such good vegetarian options. But Marrakesh had some great looking items to choose from. I mean Couscous with mint leaves, cranberries, walnuts, and feta...come on!! I settled for Falafel with pitas and a side of Rice with benefits (seasoned cooked rice with sautéed onions, nuts, and dried fruits), and red beat salad. Yum!!!

At SugarBoo and Co I was so enamored by the cute inspiration there. From inspirational quotes to handmade clay items, and gardening décor, you would find several pieces you love here.

I am going to go back here as soon as I can and rack up on these inspirational cards. I have decided to keep the ones that speak to me the loudest with me daily in my purse or wallet and switch them out as I feel. For $1 you can buy so many cards and maybe even gift a few. I noticed online that they don't sell them separately but they have them in bundles here and here.

At the end of my day there I simply sat back outside and relaxed while I read a little.
And check out the view!!!

There were so many more shops there! Mainly things that I'm familiar with already like Sephora, Alex and Ani, Anthropologie, Madewell, and West Elm to name a few. It was a much needed day off. 

Will you check out the stores I linked? I think you'll enjoy them.