I seem to be longing for the simplicity of the 90s. The brown matte lips and nails. The bobs, short cuts, and braids. The chokers and ripped denim. And lets not forget the music and the movies! Can someone say Xscape, No Doubt, Biggie, EnVogue, Alanis Morissette, Jodeci, Brandy, Green Day, Lisa Stansfield, Red Hot Chili Peppers, I could go on and on all day... Let's not even talk about the 90s movies section on Netflix right now!!!

I have shed so much lately! Unnecessary baggage and feelings. I have gained an entirely different insight. And I have gotten rid of tons of clothes, jewelry, and shoes!!! Can we say from 70 shoes to 45! I wish that I could narrow it down to 30 pairs but that'll be very hard. It feels good to love all the pieces I have in the midst of basics and work clothes. But I have purchased some new things to love and this choker is my newest buy. Paired with this oversized vest dress from H&M, pretty effortless.

Choker: Asos // Vest Dress: H&M // Booties: Zara

Sometimes I feel our lives lack some much needed simplicity. I mean after all we are very complex creatures. Sometimes getting dressed doesn't have to be...