Happiness, feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. Also felt as peace, joy, or satisfaction. Why can it be so hard to reach and contain? I think it's because we have not been conditioned to be happy. Well here are 5 top things I believe will get you started on the right path to finding your happy.

1. Enjoying Your Moments

Taking the time to enjoy yourself in your present moments is so important. We tend to get really wrapped up in what's next. An appointment next week or a big meeting next month can overshadow and we neglect to appreciate todays moments. The other night as I was changing my bed sheets I bundled up in the warm sheets for a minute before they cooled because as you know sheets fresh out of the dryer is an amazing feeling. I took the time to enjoy that moment even as small as it was because it means I had a bed to lay in, a dryer to use, and the capability to feel with my senses intact. What a big lesson for such a small moment!

 Quit missing these daily moments and create happiness in them.

2. Letting Go

Sometimes we hold on too tightly to the bad things that may comfort us. We need to let it go! Let go of the drama and hate and stop allowing others to poison you. Someone else's hate or drama does not have to become your own. Contrary to TV or popular belief, a drama filled life is not the norm. Let it go!

Quit holding onto the past events that caused you harm. Our life imprints us and makes us who we are but take your lessons, be gentle with yourself and let them go.

Whether it's seeking counseling or "letting go and letting God", detoxing from pain in healthy ways is key to letting happiness in.

We also hold to tightly to ideals we or society creates. The perfect man, the perfect body, the right amount in your bank account, etc. Create your own perfections. Step outside the box then obliterate the box. Forget what others deem as perfect and find what's perfect for you!

3. Positive Affirmations and Intentions
How often do we think negatively of ourselves and what we are doing? I know I am guilty of it. We always will have goals and we can always be better, but give yourself credit for where you are. Have affection for yourself. Everyone should have things they love about themselves.
"I am a good mother." "I have a beautiful body." "I make great decisions." "I am smart." "I approve of myself."
However you see yourself, positively, needs to be affirmed out loud, on paper, or however you choose daily. 
With me writing my positive affirmations it also includes me speaking fruitfully about my future. "I will have a house next year." "I will find love." "I will have the best." "I will be okay." Setting good vibrations into the world gives you power. Speak happiness and love into your life and watch the happy come.

4. Know Who You Are
We live in a world with people who are different from us, and sometimes in every way. It can be difficult to find ourselves and create our own identity. Sometimes who you are will not mesh well with others and that is okay! But don't let others impose who they want you to be. By allowing others to infiltrate you, its possible to loose yourself. That's why so many books, and therapists talk about finding  yourself.
 Knowing who you are is in itself a source of happiness.

It allows you to shield your spirit. Shine your own unique light. Different types of lights and colors shining together creates a beautiful tapestry.

5. Set Your Intentions to Happy
Choose happiness. It's hard to do sometimes in the midst of everything we deal with. Sickness, anger, sadness and hurt, we will all feel these things. Feeling an array of emotions is completely normal and healthy. But it is important to feel these things and let them pass. Do not dwell there. We choose happiness at the end of the day.
 Setting intention creates motion.
Intend to be happy. Purposefully create a happy environment. 

Happy Happiness Hunting!