Sometimes it takes being on a plane to really see the beauty of the world we're all connected to. I've never been to the west coast and the landscape is so completely different. The was city, then nothing but white land (snow) and then just thousands of miles of desert and mountains. It was so beautiful to see from up in the sky. 

I've never been to the Grand Canyon but I think that we may have flown over it. I wasn't 100% sure but it seemed to be. I'm thinking I really want to take a trip and see it up close one day.

In the midst of having a conversation with my cousin I was quickly distracted by these 3 bright lights in a perfect row in the middle of nowhere. I was transfixed. I was baffled, and we had plenty of conspiracy theories to explain them. Everyone near us on the plane was in awe. Imagine how huge these areas of light were for us to be able to see them from 30,000 feet. So now I'm really wanting to do so research and find out what this is! Anyone have any ideas? AREA 51??

Made it to LAX! Waiting for Uber to go to the Condo and get this trip started!