Today was the windiest day ever. Not the best day to try and take a humongous afro wig for a scroll. It was blowing every freakin where. 

Oh and I guess you've noticed that I changed my name to Being Jade. I think it'll grow with me and not force me to rethink names consistent with where I am in life. My original name was great and suited two of my loves, Fashion and Makeup. But I love soon much more and have changed tremendously. So Being Jade would just allow me to do just me!

Cardigan Sweater: Jade Vintage // Pants: Thrifted // Shoes: Zara // Belt: Target

My whole fit is thrifted today. I normally always have one thrifted item, but today I went all in. I normally wear this open as an outer piece but today I decided to belt it and wear it as an oversized sweater.