Since the time I can remember learning about decades I've felt like I was meant to live in the 70s. There's always been a connection I've felt to the music, fashion, and goings on of that time. 
I hate and love when the clothing and aesthetics from that era circle back around. I hate it because every one walks around dressed like I have always loved and my look may seem trendy. But I love it because the items of yesteryear that have always appealed to me are easily accessible in many stores.

So I thought I do a post about 10 reasons I'm a hippie at heart...

1. I love the eras dresscode!!! Obsessed sometimes even. Suits!! Wide leg pants and flares. Floor grazing dresses!! Sequins!! Fur! 

2.  I'm a music head. All kinds. And counted in that list are David Bowie, Eagles, The O'Jays, Marvin Gaye, Queen, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, The Delfonics, The Bee Gees, The Police, Elton John, Issac Hayes, The Carpenters....I can go on. 70s sensations.

3. I believe in the power of a good afro! Come on Big Hair!

4. If I could go back in a time machine I would hop on and head straight to Woodstock.

5. I believe in Love and Peace. But I do believe in revolution.

6. I say yes to a good marijuana joint.

7. I love non-comformity and cling to that ideal.

8. I've recently become extremely interested in herbal healing and have even stopped eating meat.

9. I try and always remain a dreamer.

10. And of course...My love for all things VINTAGE!!!

Do you consider yourself a hippie at heart? To what era does your spirit belong?