Long Blazer Jacket: Thrifted // Dress: Thrifted // Shoes: Zara

So often we reach a point in our lives where we begin to care more about our health. We begin eating better and making sure we get some exercise. We also may change other unhealthy habits or begin to stay away from certain toxic products. But we forget that the people we allow into our lives bring health and sickness as well.

We get so busy with making sure we are protecting ourselves from tangible things, we neglect the intangible. Being selfish with your space is not being phony, stuck up or funny acting it is a necessity for your health. 

Start by allowing the people who love you to radiant in your space daily or as often as possible. Find and meet up with people who are like minded and share your interest. Don't let people who are consistently negative, angry, pessimistic, or penetrate your psyche. Whenever you are dealing with people sometimes taking care of yourself may mean its okay to love them from afar. Take time to decipher those who have bad days from those who live through a constant dark cloud. Until next time Peace.