Cash rules everything around me, Cream get tha money, dolla dolla bill yall. If you don't listen to rap music or you're really young and don't know that was a reference to Wu Tang, lol! Have you noticed that we are literally controlled by money? We have been trained to work, buy, save, invest, nest, etc. I pride myself as being a free spirit and even sometimes I get caught up in it.

Even though I still love to shop. I don't go shopping every week. Yes, I used to shop EVERY WEEK. How is it that someone who shops every week still felt like she had nothing to wear?? It's because I was shopping just to shop, not to build my wardrobe. I was shopping because it was trendy. I was buying things because "Oh, its only $5, it's only $10". And those items ending up sitting in my closet with no wear, going nowhere.

I used to have 9 black coats/jackets, at least 30 pairs of jeans, and I was tipping 200 pairs of shoes. When I tell you I was overloaded! Now I feel so much lighter and I actually have an easier time finding things to wear. Now I follow my own 80/20 rule and typically only buy basics or items that can go with 80% of my wardrobe or I can wear 80% of the time. And other 20% is reserved for items that I really LOVE! When it gets hard filtering through my own bullshit and whether I truly love an item or not, I'll buy, but then maybe get rid of an older item that may have served the same purpose. So I make sure to replace the loves and not let them pile.

Coat duster: Vintage // Sleeveless sweater: H&M // Wide legs: JC Penney // Shoes: Shoedazzle

Oh, and you must know these pants I basically stole! They were $6!!! So my fit (shoes included) was $25. Boss.