I I have been so into dressing for Fall. My favorite thing right now is having fun with layering. I love it! It gives your outfit some extra punch. Chiffon with knits. Leather with lace. Sequin Cardigans under blazers. Just lots of variety to play with. I'm actually wearing a sleeveless slip dress underneath my knit turtleneck sweater. It steps the fun factor up a lot! Paired it with a skinny jean with a little distress and heels and voila!

Turtleneck sweater: H&M // Strapless dress: H&M // Jeans: DDs // Heels: Zara

Can you believe nothing I'm wearing is thrifted? That hardly ever happens. But H&M is my favorite place to find basics at an awesome price.

I'm wearing my hair out this week too! Then back into a weave it goes. I'll be starting Hairfinity or The Mane Choice pills again soon and if I'm consistent enough I'll do an update here...

I have such a wealth on my Pinterest boards. It keeps me busy for hours sometimes! I just love it. How did I ever find so many smoothie recipes or home decor ideas before it? Lol! Follow me on Pinterest.