Well hello!!! It feels good, yet a little awkward to be posting after so long! Let me just say taking a 5 month break was very necessary, but now that I've gotten another camera I can get back into my photos. Now I can't promise that I will be posting every week or how often I will be, but I will definitely be journaling a lot more. It just felt so good to leave the house and not having to lug a camera or make sure I have time to stop and take pictures. Don't get me wrong I LOVE TAKING PICTURES. It can just really consume you and take up time, and since I've been a little more life focused and business focused it was an extremely welcomed break.

But yesterday I had a great time with an amazing group of women teaching them how to do their makeup. Something else I placed on the back burner due to opening up my Vintage Shop. But it felt great to talk about makeup and just have fun. I may have to try and do some more small group tutorials.

Blouse: Vintage // Crop tank: H&M // Faux leather shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: c/o Just Fab // 
Hat: Target

If you don't know about my love for Vintage you must be new here. But my personal vintage items and vintage items for sale take up my whole house!!! I am so not a fan of the mall anymore. But I do have places I still love to shop other than thrifting such as Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Asos, H&M, and a few department stores.

But this blouse is a great oversized option to replace a blazer. I purposefully bought it to be huge (a size 22). so next time you are thrifting don't underestimate the possibilities of oversized items or even  items that aren't made for women. Check the mens for oversized sweaters and even the children's for shrunken t-shirts. It's such a playground!

So lets chat! I miss you guys!