These are some of the last pictures I shot messing around with my camera in my room. Shooting a few pics of my favorite places in my apartment. And showing a few of my favorite pillows, pictures etc.  But unfortunately I can't finish the pictures I planned for this post because I was a victim of theft last Sunday. 
I was at a photoshoot in Duluth at a park and I carelessly left my purse in my car. Styling a shoot takes a lot of stuff and there was already too much to carry. So although I didn't think that it would happen in broad daylight with people walking to and fro, someone helped themselves to my purse and everything in it and my camera which was in a camera bag on the floor. So many things that I worked hard for gone. Why not go out and work for your own things instead of taking from others?! It is the worst feeling of being violated that I have ever experienced. So although I am deeply saddened, frustrated, and stressed out I try to look at it like it could be worse. I am physically safe and these material things will come back to me. So I am working on getting another camera so that I can continue my blog and continue branding Jade Vintage by being my own photographer. I'm staying optimistic!!!
Keep me in your prayers please and I will keep you loves in mine!