I am so excited to finally have my Vintage Store up and running guys! This colorful skirt is the product of one of my many shopping trips to stock my store! I decided to throw it on with a black and white stripe shoe to have a little fun. 

Top: Actually a dress from Forever21 // Skirt: Vintage // Shoes: DSW

So what have you guys been up to?! I have been working, healing, shopping, and making wigs!!!! This wig is a u-part wig that I made and its so easy to take on and off and make sure you have healthy hair underneath. Check out my video on the hair I used here.

Today is such a hectic day. Do you ever feel like your brain may implode because of all the information there. All the stuff to remember, stuff to do...sigh. Well hey y'all please go check out my vintage shop Jade Vintage. I promise you'll find something you like! Wink, wink.