There's a lot of work, frustration, time, dedication, and prayer that goes into starting a business venture. It's on my mind so much right now that I can't even concentrate on writing this post. But it's nothing like working for yourself and that's the ultimate goal, that's what keeps me going. People are making new years resolutions and I have none because they always tend to get broken. But I am going to work on being the best Jazmine I can be. That's the goal every day, every month, every year.

Sweater dress: Thrifted // Jacket: Dots // Tights: House of Holland // Boots: c/o Just Fab // Spiked beanie: Rainbow

On another note, I haven't listened to much else other than Beyonce since her album dropped. Singing "I'm a groowwwnn woman, I can do whatever I want!"