Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: Random Mall Store (super old) // Tights: Asos // Boots: Cherry Bomb (local boutique) // Clutch: VJ Style

Aye!!! The first thing that comes to mind is "Who you calling a Bitch?! U-n-i-t-y...."

Ok, ok so this sweatshirt makes a statement. But I'm a statement making kinda person and most often wear what I want without caring what anyone thinks. So yes, I braved the world in a sweatshirt with huge letters that say Bitch.

Now this an example of sweet and bad. My fashion sense is schizo. Sometimes I wanna be sweet in sequins and lace and other times I wanna wear vulgar things with leather and chains. Thats whats so fun about fashion to me, it reflects you or your many moods.

Another song it reminds me of....I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother...

Remember that?? 

Aight get to shopping!!!