A hair update!!! So the last time I straightened my hair was end of March this year. I have had box braids, puffy twists, sewn in curly weaves, sewn in straight weaves, etc. The point is I have been sewn up for almost 7 months straight. I have not been doing anything else besides keeping my hands out of my hair and taking hairfinity pills. Now with the pills I don't know for sure how much the pills are helping because I am horrible with remembering to take them daily. I plan to be much more diligent in the next 6 months and take them every single day.

Hairfinity fills in the gaps left by your regular diet to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to grow healthy hair. Customers report hair that appears healthier, shinier, thicker, longer, more manageable and faster growing as a result of using the supplement. 

This is the picture I took in this blog post. I was right at APL (Arm Pit Length). Now I've always said that my goal was to have healthy hair and I think I've accomplished that so now that I see it growing I'd like to set a goal of BSL (Bra Strap Length). If I ever get to see that length I'd be a happy lady. That would be all I'd want to maintain, if it got longer than that then fine, but if not I'd be good.

So fast forward to now and I can see a difference since my last straightening. Can you see it? I really want to buy a better shirt to keep track of the growth. This homemade shirt is not drawn to any type of scale....

All in all I am definitely telling a difference in growth. It may not be tremendous but it's visible. There was a time when I could've sworn my hair was not growing, but it was more and likely just growing and breaking at the same rate. 
These hairfinity pills will definitely stay in my regime!! I am very happy with them. And I will continue to use protective styling as a way to retain the length and I'm super excited about what the next 6 to 8 months will hold!!!
What do you guys think about hair retention? What methods do you use to grow your hair?