Ever have those items that you shriek about when you run across them but then the idea of having it ends up being more exciting than practical. Well I have several items like that. This animal duster/vest is an item I ran to when I saw it out while thrifting but then I've only worn it once, last Christmas. Almost a whole year and this makes number 2. I just can't possibly utilize all the clothes I have, ugh! Does that mean stop buying them. Nope? Career change anyone....

Sleeveless Duster: Thrifted // T-shirt: Forever21 // Faux Leather Shorts: JC Penney // Shoes: Old, Local  Boutique // Sunnies: Beacon's Closet

It was such a hot day! Faux leather may have been a bad idea, but at least they were short enough to still be cool. Reminds me of Ron Burgundy "It's sooo hot. Milk was a bad idea." Do you know that movie? Lol! But I ventured into the city and had a decent day. Got a banging pair of shoes from Cherry Bomb for 50% off. Scoutmob deal. If you don't have that app download it NOW!

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