I love dressing up like a gangsta in Scarface. Think Michelle Pfeiffer. Something about the gold chains and piles of gold jewelry with cream slacks and a bad attitude that makes you feel gangsta sexy. That era was just soooo Boss. The leotards, heels, and suits. Glam and running things.

I am loving my thrifted cream slacks. I have had these for a minute but couldn't wear them. Now that I'm a little smaller due to a little exercise and better diet I can wear a few things I couldn't before so Yay clothes!! 

Decided to crimp my hair today. It took longer than I expected. About 30 minutes. I love it but the rain and humidity definitely did away with most of the texture by mid day. I am really doing a lot of posting on my Tumblr these days. Head over and follow me there I am totally inspired by all the things I post there.