I went to the movies yesterday to see the pre-screening of The Conjouring. It was an awesome movie I thought, my husband didn't think so though. I love scary movies but this movie was truly creepy. Anyway this outfit was what I wore over the weekend while going around with some girlfriends. One girlfriend came down from Charlotte and spent the weekend. We went thrifting (of course), had lunch, and did some more shopping in and around Atlantic Station. 

Sheer Cover: Thrifted // Jeans: Asos // Bralet Top: Asos (cute ass option here) // Shoes: Zara // Watch: Michael Kors

I've pretty much stolen Sean's Michael Kors watch. Sometimes the understated black watch looks awesome with my black and white or simple ensembles. It's a little big....minor details. 

I don't know what kind of cover up this is. It may be a swimsuit cover up, it may be some kind of bedroom wear.... I just know that when I saw it, it was gonna be mine. I love how you can wear jeans underneath and take the sexiness down a tad. But not too much. There's nothing wrong with being a little sexy during the day for no reason. 

How do you guys feel about these Boyfriend Jeans! I looovvveee them! I mean they actually make me feel sexy but the plus is they are so comfortable. I want several pairs but I have such an issue finding perfect ones. At first I used to try and buy regular jeans but buy them larger, that doesn't work out too well for me because my thighs are thick and I need jeans to fit my thighs and waist at the same time. Then I've thrifted a few pair but they still didn't do how I imagined. Then in come these from Asos and they are my true size, a size 12. But they are huge after wearing em all day. I mean I can roll the waistband under! Should you size down when wearing boyfriend jeans? What do you all normally do? I've already sent a pair back to Asos and don't want to send these back so I think I'll have them altered as much a possible without messing them up and then back to the drawing board. Maybe I'll just go back to Asos and buy a 10! Wow, a 10....