Excuse my French but it is soooo phuckin hot in the A right now!!! I mean leave the house all cute and am a sweaty ass mess in an hour. Whats a girl to do! Be as comfy as possible without sacrificing your style, of course. So since I wanted cute for a meeting with AJ Crimson and Makeup by Ren Ren at their most recent event at Beauty Bar I decided throw on my newest (well one of my newest) dresses I picked up in New York at Beacons Closet.

Dress: Beacons Closet // Tank: Old no name // Shorts: JC Penney // Shoes: Just Fab (duh)

This dress is completely sheer so I opted for a simple black tank and faux leather black shorts underneath. I'm telling you these Just Fab shoes are serving comfortable realness with almost all my outfits nowadays. I really need to give another pair of shoes some love....

Anywho can you believe I almost left this dress at Beacons Closet!? No bueno. It's so easy to throw on and kinda sexy too, in a walk on the beach kinda way.

Thank God it's Friday right?! I've got a busy weekend ahead. My mom and little brother are coming down and my little brother is staying. He's 14. What an age, lol! Think I'm gonna hit up the outlets and stuff with the family in tow.