I looveee myself a crop top! No I do not have a flat stomach or the stomach that I desire to have but I will wear the hell out of a high waisted item and crop top. No shame. So I was super ready to participate in Style Me Friday.

Top: Asos // Pants: H&M // Shoes: ShoeDazzle // Necklace: Random Boutique

Ohhweeee hunny, I'm slimming it up!! LOL! Buy hey, you dress to compliment your body and this is one trend that works for me. Excuse me shall I say werks for me!! You may be get sick and tired of seeing me in crop tops this summer but I'm telling you get used to it. The heat down here is gonna require me to be naked as possible but I promise I'll keep it PG-13. I think....

These braids are coming out soon! I am thinking about two styles that are totally different so I'm on the fence....I'll surprise you.