Soooo wanna hear something funny! As a married women sometimes you still get attention and there's no need to be rude. Actually, regardless women enjoy a little attention, right? It's too freakin funny when some uses my tattoo as a way to flirt. I've had someone to ask for a drink of my martini (tat on my ankle) and recently in this outfit told I look like a sexy leopard, lol. But then he growls. At me. With the hand gesture....RAWR...... #dead

However, my leopard print obsession is real. So very real that I had to have a little leopard tatted on my shoulder. I'm still not done with this tattoo because I'll be adding onto it and hopefully soon. I must have an item of clothing in every style that's leopard. Shoes (of course), earrings, jeans, pants, blouse, t-shirt, shorts, skirt (mini, midi, and maxi), jacket, blazer, trench YOU NAME IT!

Tank: H&M // Skirt: Asos // Shoes: c/o Just Fab

My daily arm jewelry

Watch: Michael Kors // Faith Bracelet: Local Boutique

These circles skirts are so flattering! I may have to do a post about trends that do and don't work for me. I think I bought this one last year sometime and it came in handy to just throw on and be comfy, cute, and not burn up when its hot out.

Do you spot my new piercing? I'll have to show you guys how it was done...