Top: Thrifted // Blouse: Charlotte Russe // Jeans: Old Navy (cut myself) // Shoes: c/o Just Fab

Rainy days call for a pick me up sometimes. So instead of throwing on sneakers and a tee to run errands in the rain I put on my glitter box top. I call it that because it's such a boxy shape but while I was thrifting and laid my eyes on this top I knew immediately I had to have it! It looked fun, different, and glitzy kinda like me haha! It's not the easiest top to style so I figured I would keep it simple with an oversized white button down, jeans, and my fav strappy black sandals courtesy of Just Fab. On the way out a neighbors dog (who wasn't on a lease) ran up to me and jumped on me. Wet dogs paws that had been in mud on my white shirt. Pissed!!! So I thought well no pictures today then, but kept walking because I'm tryna to do better y'all and I didn't want to hurt anyones feelings. But seriously!!?? Where they do walking your dogs without a leash at? I'm glad I was able to disguise the stains for the sake of the photos. 

Do you gravitate towards unique pieces while thrifting like I do? Really that's what I mainly look for. Even if I can't piece it together in my head right then I know it will eventually find a way into my fits.