There's so many things I can tell you about this look and this day. Well, first I've been holding on to this lime look after having both pieces for quite some time so what better time to pull out the look than for my homie Eboni's Style me Friday segment. 

I finally got ahold of these Prabal Gurung for Target shoes. I swear good things come to those who wait. I waited and played the sale game (like I normally do) and then I just gave up on these and a few other Prabel items that I wanted. But luckily I have a habit of stopping at every Target I see (Atlanta plus surroundings are pretty big) and I come across Targets I've never seen sometimes. Welp, I was leaving a shoot and saw a Target and decided to stop and then...jackpot! I found a Prabel top for $8.00 and I almost forgot to look at the shoe section so I doubled back and there they were!! For $12.00! Ha Ha!!!

Blouse: It's Fashion // Jeans: Target // Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target // Sunnies: Rag O Rama

The biggest part I can tell you about this day is I finally bought my MacBook! After saving and researching for over a year it's all mine! So I may be reaching out to all you mac pros for help. First thing I need is a bomb editing and photo collaging software!!

How do you like wearing all one color?! My outfit was well received my the hubs. he affectionately called me Lime all day, teeheeee!