So... I've received several emails asking how is my Box Braid Challenge going so far. Well the answer is I believe it's going pretty good. The picture up top is from March 2013 and my hair had'nt been pressed in over a year. So as you can tell I'm right there at Arm Pit Length. And I'm sorry that I haven't measured precisely but I have definitely retained more length and I can tell that my hair is healthier. I started this braid/protective challenge back in July 2012 so it hasn't been a full year yet. I am hoping that by July my hair will reach near to Bra Strap Length. Is it possible to grow and retain 3 inches in 4 months? Maybe for some. For me not very likely, however that is the goal. I'm reaching for the stars, lol! Either way I will make sure to document for sure!!!

Now as you read in the first post on this self imposed challenge I was taking phytophanere vitamins to help me accomplish this hair growth goal. I am now taking Hairfinity and I have been taking them since the beginning of February. I am very optimistic about the results I have seen so far and I am dead set on taking them for at least an entire year non stop. Now, they are pricey but I believe they are worth trying and the more you buy at a time the more you'll save.

This is progress from end of 2011 to February 2013 so one year and 2 or so months. So as you can see I think it looks a little thicker and dare I say healthier. If another year is that good to me I'm really looking forward to 2014's hair.

So I promise to keep you posted this coming July when I will make a full year of trying to keep my hair away (for the most part) for an entire year. Wish me luck! And if you want to do the challenge with me let me know!!!!