Maybe I'm just like my mother, she's never satisfied. Get it? Teehee. Okay well my mother is definitely a fashionista. She and my grandmother have a lot to do with why I am sooo girly and into jewelry, shoes, etc. I can sooo see my mom in something similiar when she was in her 20s. A printed suit and and colorful shoes. Yes she would have rocked this. Ma, are you proud?

Blouse and Pants: JC Penney's // Shoes: Aldo // Earrings: Local Boutique // Metal Belt: Urban Outfitters

When I tell you I love this suit! When I first laid eyes on it I knew there was no way I wasn't coming back for it. I feel so grown (for lack of better words) in it. Like this isn't play play diva, it's real life, ya dig? But brings you back when your shoe breaks while you're out. Yeah if you read this post then you remember my embarrasing moment at Lenox. Step in crack and broke the bottom a little then the whole heel broke, sigh.

Looking at this really makes me miss my hair already. But it needs to break because I am continuing my growth journey. More on my new braids soon! A much needed update on my box braid challenge.