This past Friday was my 30th birthday! I got a chance to go home to High Point, North Carolina and spend time with my family and friends. It was much needed. It's always a good reminder to know that you are loved so much!

Blazer: Rainbow // Peplum Top: H&M // Faux leather skater: Asos // Tights: Borrowed from Moms // Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Let's talk about this blazer tho! I have got to do some more shots up close of this. It's a bright bright neon yellow! I was super surprised that I ran up on it at Rainbow. Now you may not know about Rainbow but I stop in there every once in a while and I haven't been there in a looong time. But I'm glad my mom and I stopped in while I was home. I could have done a little damage in there. Blouses, and 3 more of this jacket (in Mint, Neon Orange, and White) But I was good!

The first thing I did when I woke up on March 1 was realize "No more 20 something". I'd better take care of myself and my business because it's up from here. I find myself easily aggitated sometimes and I have to remind myyself that I have plenty to be thankful for and the irritant doesn't seem so important anymore. They say your 30s is when life starts to make sense and your priorities become clear. So here's to wishing myself a year of change and realization. Cheers!!!