I'm not easily offended. And I am not going to beat a topic that's been had by every talk show, blog, or YouTube video? However I interrupt this style/beauty blog for a word from the writer.

As a Black woman living in Atlanta I see it all. The shows that are on from Love and Hip Hop to The Real Housewives (shows that I will admit I DVR and watch weekly) depict a certain climate about women. That we are loud, violent, and petty.

Can we have a true solidarity? Can we get together and have a good time without arguments ensuing, absolutely. Can we support each others endeavors, yes ma'am! Can we be nice to one another but remain assertive to the boundaries we set for ourselves, of course!

I feel as though the community of women I entertain, whether it be a friend from wayyy back or a new blogger associate turned friend, have love for one another. We help and support each other. We laugh and learn together. My closest girlfriends are my sisters and we lean, cry, and love on each other. I've never felt blatent disrespect from a person I call friend. Am I just blessed in that aspect?

Even at our local events that are full of all kinds of women (even if majority black) there is never any major blowouts or arguing. I've never seen a read or someone pulling coat tails because there is a time and a place and ladies know how to contain their issues or deal with them appropriately. Am I just blind or "where they do dat at"?

Met a lovely fellow blogger at Atlanta's Lil 5 Points while I was out shopping! G writes What's More Important Than Fashion and she was super nice!! I've been following her blog for a while so I immediately recognized her face, and she recognized me tot, teehee! We immediately chatted and took a photo together. No shade, so genuine.

Playing around with my blogger boo turned girlfriend Shahidah! All fun and games!

Ol School from HS or younger Best Babes and Sisters.

I have way too many photos to post here. You'd be scrolling down this page all day if I put up all the pics I have or mentions of me and any of my old and new babes. All I know is I love black women. How do you feel about your inner and outer circles????