There's something that I learned recently. This is not a life changing epihany but a good lesson all the same. Okay, so Urban Outfitters has these sales where they have an additional 50% off of their sale items (that's not what I learned, I'm a shopper so of course I know this) but I didn't know that they price match. I went in for a browse to see what the sale section had. I've scored some awesome things there. As I was browsing through the I noticed the Leopard Print Ipad Cover that I had saved online. It was $9.99 in store. So I went to the cashier and told her it was actually $4.99 online. They verified it and I ended up getting it for $2.50. That's when I made a mad dash to the floor looking for regular priced items that I knew were on sale online and stalked. This sweatshirt was one of them. Full price in the store and $39.99 online so I got it for $19.99!

So the moral of this story is always look online for items at Urban Outfitters before you visit the store. You never know you may be able to get it for cheap!

Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters // Leather Skirt: Forever21 // Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

The red skirt was also from a 50% off sale sale at Forever21. When I tell yall this thing is tight. I had a hard time sitting down in the car, lol! But it's still cute. I know a lot of people that don't pay full price for anything. There are some things I'd pay full price for. How do you feel about it?