Do you ever just lay around the house and have fashion daydreams. Well one day last week I had a daydream that include big curly hair, red lips, white, and a drawn on beauty mark.

White Blazer: H&M // White Peplem T: Zara // Pants: Burlington Coat Factory // Shoes: C/o Just Fab // Belt: Asos // Earrings: H&M

I am definitely loving these shoes from Just Fab. Seems like they go with just about anything and they don't hurt. Thanks again to Just Fab! This belt from Asos was an item I watched until it went to steep sale. Glad I snagged it. I may end up with this, thisthis, or this too.

 What are you doing with your weekend? I'm looking forward to meeting some models at our Sadiddy Model call. Should be fun! Well tata y'all.