Oh how I love these glasses. I like kinda feel like Carrie Donovan, minus the pearls. Just an awesome teal vintage blazer and big 70s hair.

Letting my newest tattoo show a tad today. While I was home for my birthday dinner and we were out to eat my Grandad peeped it. All I hear is "what's that" then I turn around and he's shaking his head, lol! I know he is like how many does that make. I think he was more amused then anything. I forget I mainly go home on holidays that are cold so Im covered in long sleeves and jackets and such. I guess he's hoping one day I don't come home with tats from head to toe.

Blazer: Thrifted // Top: H&M // Pants: American Apparel // Jewelry: Local Boutique // Shoes: DSW

It's been a while since I was really wanting the famous American Apparel disco pants. I decided I didn't want a cheaper version of these. I want THE ONES. Welp, these are probably the most expensive pair of pants I own to date, I ain't gonna front. But they are worth every penny. You can't help but feel like a sex kitten with this britches on. What a great birthday gift to myself!

Seeing lots of black and white spring shoes and falling in love! These should satisfy my craving for now. What do you think?