These graphic pants are my favorite buy of the month! Okay, okay maybe I'm just saying that until tomorrow but hey you get the point. I just see so much potential in them when it comes to styling different ways. I'm becoming obsessed with head to toe prints so my next posts may have some of that going on. I just wish the sun would come out and stay so I can hop on board with posing outside for pics. Keeping it 100, it's too cold sometimes, brrrr!

Sequin T: Thrifted // Pants: Asos // Shoes: TopShop // Earrings: It's Fashion // Coat: H&M

This is the outfit I wore to celebrate Sadiddy Magazine's Sweet Life Celebration! We had a great time catching up with supporters and meeting new people! Now about these shoes....they are quite possibly one of the cutest pairs I own. As a makeup artist the eyes and lips are very appropriate and the pearl strap is jazzy. But honey these shoes ain't made for walkin'. These are "walk and take 5 minute breaks" shoes.

Let's not even talk about this blow out #FAIL! It was almost a glorious moment! I envisioned big fluffy blown out curls, and I almost had that for 10 minutes. Then it did it's own thing. So I put her up and kept it moving!

Do you ever envision your hair being a certain way but just have a huge FAIL moment?