While I was home and driving toward my dad's house I passed this playground that I used to frequent as a hangout spot when I was a pre teen/teenager. It was freezing!! But I mustered up enough to snap some pics at my old hangout.

Being home just is like a huge weight lifted off. No work, no bills, no responsibility just for a few days. The feeling of being in your hometown where it all started and you run into the people you went to school with at the mall or the store. I've gotta get home more often and not just for the holidays.

Animal Vest: Thrifted // Turtleneck: Target // Skirt: Forever 21 // Booties: ShoeDazzle

These booties are one of 4 pairs of black booties that I've bought in two months. Well to be perfectly fair to me one of the pairs was a gift from Just Fab as a guest of their Holiday Party this past December! I'm officially done with buying black booties for a while, if you guys saw all of the old ones plus the new ones....wait I'm sure all of you have the same habit too, right?!