Ahhh Happy New Year Y'all!! I know I have been ghost for a week or so, but the Holidays did me in! I thought I'd have time to blog and extra time for photos but going home and only having 3 days to play catch up with tons of family is hard on a chick! So I had to really kinda sit back and enjoy my time at home. I don't have a fancy New Years Outfit to share with you because my hubby and I went to my cousin's house and met up with my sissy and other friends and cooked a big breakfast. We had a midnight toast and played some games. New Year's Day was spent at home ALL DAY!

I did manage to squeeze in some shots of what I wore on my trip home....

Sweatshirt: Wal-mart // Leggings: Target (almost identical here) // Plaid Shirt: Thrifted // Boots: Urban Outfitters // Beanie: Amazon

I'm seriously becoming an Amazon fanatic. After having a small feud over the one black beanie I had (because my husband wanted to share it steals it and wears it like it's his) I decided to look for anohter one that I wasn't gonna share. Ya'll he took the veil off that I did with my DIY and everything...grrrrr. But I will be getting this beanie in a few other colors. I really want a yellow and a gray one. And for like $2.00 you really can't go wrong.

Clearing some things up...

1. I PROMISE I will do a weight loss post soon and the things I've been doing however, it's gotta wait because the Holidays have not been good to me and I'm scared to step on the scale and see how many steps back I've taken. So....once I get back on track look forward to a series of posts! Hopefully within the next month or two.

2. I swear I did a video mid December with all Black Friday purchases. I tried for a few days to upload it to YouTube but no luck getting it up. I don't know what happened to the video or why it won't load, but I don't want to do it all over again so SORRY! I will still see if I can salvage any of it but I'm kinda over it cause it's 2013 and these were Nov buys.

Welp Happy 2013!!!!