It's alright, cause I'm Saved by the Bell! I named this post that because when I walked into work to grab some items my coworker said "you know you look like you're on Saved by the Bell". I said "Thanks!" because hell, that's alright with me. I loved that show growing up and I just knew when I turned 21 I would find and marry Zack Morris. We share a birthday ya know...

Denim Shirt: Urban Outfitters (also love this one)  // Jeans: Thrifted // Shoes: ShoeDazzle // Bag: ShoeDazzle
Don't you just love the details on this acid wash shirt!? It's so funny that I was able to get one. I saw the cashier at H&M wearing it on Black Friday. She was talking about how she got the shirt from Urban Outfitters and I just so happened to be heading there next. Finding this shirt in a pile of what seemed to be hundreds of items....SCORE! And for $10, yes please.

Excuse the Chanel bags under my eyes. Apparently stress and no sleep don't agree with me. Was dealing with quite a bit that day, but don't worry I'm fine now. I actually had my sister on speakerphone as I was snapping these pics. I'm just that good of a multi-tasker ;)

Shoe Dazzle has definitely become an obsession of mine, so if you see the name written in the next 10 blog posts...don't say I didn't warn you! And yes I scored these during a Cyber Monday or Black Friday sale for 50% off making them $25.00. I also had a $15 credit so with S&H I paid $10.00!

I never got around to a Black Friday post...even if it's late would yall like a Black Friday video? I might just squeeze one in.