I love going to events hosted by Danielle Style and Beauty Doctor and Lexi of Lexi With the Curls! We always have a good time talking Hair, Fashion, and Beauty.

Our event this past Sunday was a Motions Holiday Hair event at Twist in Phipps Plaza. We got together for some light food, wine, and good ol' fashion female chatter.

Eboni of Fashionista Next Door listening intently to Danielle.

 We talked about our individual hair stories (if I'm not mistaken everyone in the room was natural and no longer relaxes their hair) and gave our thoughts about what hairstyles we'd be rocking for the holiday. Interesting conversations for sure!


Trina Baby Shopaholic and I

Can I just say I have the largest hair crush on Mahogany Knots. Such thick and pretty hair!


Kerrie Virtuous Styls and I

Thanks to Motions for the event and the free products! I will definitely be trying them out soon. I'll let you know how it goes.

Stay tuned for another Holiday Event I am super excited about!!