I'm so ready for my five day weekend, woohoo!!! I wish I had a ton of money to spend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but I'm going on a trip to San Juan next week so no extra money for me :(. Well at least I'll have a little fun in the sun. It seems like I'm always broke in November and December, why the hell is that. I never get to go ham at sale time, smh.

Sequin Jacket: Thrifted (cute sequin bomber) // Rock tee: Hot Topic // Cargos: Gifted from Sister (Charlotte Russe) // Shoes: they are so old guys I don't know where they are from, eek

Joking around with my rockstar pose...

I don't cook meals like my mom and grandmom did, but I do plan on cooking a few things for Thanksgiving! I'm making this, this, and this! Enjoy your day with your family and or friends tomorrow!!