I'm not really the traveling type. But I am getting kind of excited about my pending vacay to San Juan this weekend. I don't know what's wrong with me I've never been the type to need to get away or get out of town. I do love visiting New York though (duh), and I have dreams of visiting Paris one day but I'm not a road trip, weekend trip kinda chick. When it comes to packing I have no idea how to pack light. But I'm glad I picked up this backback from Urban Outfitters Black Friday Sales because it'll come in really handy to fit stuff in for the plane ride.

Sweatdress: Thrifted // Shoes: Guess (very old) // Backpack/Purse for the day: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters and H&Ms Black Friday lines were a donkey! There were a few young kids in line behind me (for about an hour) and I had this backpack in my hand still undecided. I put it down for a few to sort through some things to make my final decision. I guess the young guy spotted the backpack because I hear him say "who would want this with nothing on it, no brand or anything". Hmph...me that's who. I think that this backpack is pretty darn awesome. It was also 50% off the sale price of $39.99. All of Urbans sale stuff was an additional 50% off if you didn't know. I got a few t shirts that were $2.50 for my little brother and a shirt for me and then left for home.

Here are a few other backpack options I'm digging. It was a nice break from carrying my regular purse that day!

8. Cher Backpack, $78

Which style would you choose?